Working at VINCI? Become an intrapreneur!

Leonard is recruiting a new cohort of intrapreneurs in the fields of construction, mobility, energy and real estate. VINCI Group employees? You have until October 15th 2021 to apply. Join the new cohort!

Leonard’s Intrapreneurs program is aimed at the Group’s employees with a proposal for an innovative project linked to the transformation of our activities, and more generally of cities and infrastructures. The environment, safety, and productivity are key challenges for our business lines. The Intrapreneurs program nurtures the spirit of innovation within VINCI to tackle these challenges creatively!

>> Would you like to know more about the program?

On Tuesday 28 September at 5.00pm (Paris time), join us for an online webinar to discover the program as well as testimonials from former intrapreneurs and ask all your questions!

Incubation and acceleration: from idea to market

This two-phase program aims to train project leaders in entrepreneurial methodology, to help them go from idea to market. An initial 4-month “incubation” phase challenges the initial idea, and the relevance of the project is validated with the help of internal sponsors. During this phase, the project leaders devote 20% of their time to the program.

At the end of this phase, a committee decides whether the project will move on to the so-called “acceleration” phase, during which the project leaders devote themselves full-time to the project for 4 months. The objective of this phase is to test the project’s structuring key hypotheses by experimenting with a first version of the offer on the market (a Minimum Viable Product, MVP) with the strategic, operational and financial support of the internal sponsors. This phase ends with a seed committee that decides on the outcome of the project and confirms the commitment of the sponsors and intrapreneurs to launch and commercially deploy the new activity. This launch can take different forms: creation of a new offer, creation of a new business unit, integration within an existing business unit, or spin-off.

Since the program was created: 12 new activities!

45 projects have been incubated and 16 projects have been accelerated through the Intrapreneurs program to date. The program has also led to the creation of 12 new business units, including Waste Marketplace, a digital solution for waste management, Roadcare, a platform for optimising road monitoring using AI, and Nooco, a tool for optimizing the carbon footprint of construction projects. And above all,  5 cohorts and 64 intrapreneurs in total have been trained in the entrepreneurial mindset.

Applications open until October 15th 2021

Applications for the 2022 Intrapreneurs program are open until October 15th 2021, exclusively online:


  •  October 2021: Closing of applications (2022 cohort)
  • November 2021: Selection committee and announcement of selected projects
  • January 2022: Kick-off of the program (duration 4 months)

>> Projects currently being accelerated – Cohort 2021

Carapace: Dyke monitoring solution. With Natacha Robert (Sixense Mapping) – Sponsor: Sixense Mapping

Greendeed: Global solution, from project design to financial engineering, for industrial clients implementing energy efficiency projects. With Emmanuel Fleurier and Eddy Sovic (VINCI Facilities) – Sponsors: VINCI Energies, VIA IMC (Eurovia Germany)

Renov’on: Platform offering package deals for the thermal renovation of residential buildings. With Myriam Pradat (VINCI Concessions) – Sponsor: GTM Bâtiment

CO2 Footprint app: Platform that informs, tracks, and monitors employees’ CO2-producing activities while providing targeted recommendations to its users. With Kristin Vanselow (Axians) and Josephin John (Omexom) – Sponsors: Axians Germany, VINCI Energies Germany

VISCO: Platform that helps cities and municipalities collect real-time data on infrastructure, road safety, road conditions, cleanliness, and the environment. With Patrick Naujoks (Eurovia Germany) and Julia Himmelsbach (Axians Austria) – Sponsors: Eurovia Germany, Axians Austria

>> New VINCI Business Units led by Intrapreneurs

La Ressourcerie du BTP: platform for listing and reusing used materials to facilitate the reuse of materials at the end of a construction site. With Sophia Ouabi Aïssi and Héloïse de Bokay – VINCI Construction France

Roadcare: Computer vision and predictive maintenance applied to the maintenance of secondary roads. With Antonin Mancel and Tien Sy Nguyen – Eurovia

SunMind: BU specializing in the construction and financing of self-consumption photovoltaic plants. With Maxime Varin – VINCI Concessions

Waste Marketplace: BU for the digitalization of waste management. With Jérôme de Tomasi – VINCI Construction France

Resallience: BU dedicated to the resilience of infrastructures and territories. With Karim Selouane – Sixense

Concreative: 3D concrete printing BU in Dubai. With Alice Blouët and Khalil Doghri – Freyssinet

e-béton: Concrete recommendation, management and traceability platform. With Bruno Paul-Dauphin and Clémence Thune – VINCI Construction France

Nooco: Platform to accelerate the reduction of the carbon footprint of technical building lots. With Guillaume Jarlot – VINCI Energies

Rehalib: Digital services department for building renovation. With Damien Bahon – GTM Bâtiment

Trust’in: Digital sourcing agency. With Samir Bengelloun – VINCI SA

Avus: Buried network modeling department. With Sébastien Magat – Ringway UK / Eurovia

Synaps’Up: Optimisation of linear infrastructure routes (roads, rails, pipelines, etc.). With Alexandre Cousin – VINCI Construction France

What do we do?

The VINCI Group created Leonard to tackle the challenges posed by the transformation of regions and lifestyles. Our goal is to unite a community of key stakeholders in order to build the city of the future together.