Leonard at BIM World: tech takes construction to the next level

At BIM World 2020, Leonard decided to talk about two startups from its CATALYST programme and two projects from its Intrapreneur programme, and about how they are teamworking with VINCI Group companies on a daily basis. Here are the highlights from these conversations between operations teams and trailblazers.

The overarching topic was smart data and the people leading these four pioneering projects told the 1,200 professionals at this all-digital convention on construction tech about how digital technology can step up performance at worksites and help them achieve their environmental goals.

Through our CATALYST programme, Leonard is working side by side with mature startups and opening doors for them to try out their innovative services and products in partnership with VINCI Group business units. Converge and Hiboo presented their solutions in tandem with VINCI employees who had tested them at Group worksites.

By leading VINCI’s Intrapreneurs programme, Leonard is also helping Group employees to get their projects off the ground. The goal is to encourage new home-grown business activities ranging across construction, property development, mobility and energy. Rehalib and Resallience, two ideas that sprang from the imagination of VINCI company team members, were at BIM World too.

The 4 breakthroughs on video:

• Converge, a new digital tool to monitor concrete curing
Converge (United Kingdom) combines artificial intelligence with data from sensors to digitise construction. Its first product, Concrete DNA, is a digital tool that monitors concrete curing using sensors attached to steel rebar cages and wirelessly sends information about the concrete’s temperature, humidity and compressive strength. Converge is one of the 10 startups out of 700 candidates worldwide that made the final short list at the Construction Startup Competition 2020, which Leonard has partnered alongside Cemex Ventures, NOVA by Saint-Gobain, Ferrovial and Hilti.
>> Tandem: an interview with Raphaël Scheps, cofounder and CEO of Converge, and Louis Cottin, who heads the CATALYST programme

• Hiboo, collecting and visualising data from worksite machinery
Hiboo (France) is a SaaS application that helps construction companies optimise field operation management. Hiboo centralises all the data from all the connected equipment and turns it into actionable insights. Just like Converge, Hiboo recently attracted the spotlight at the Construction Startup Competition 2020.
>> Tandem: an interview with Clément Bernard, cofounder of Hiboo, and Reynald Bazille, a materials engineer at Sogea-Satom

• Rehalib, 3D virtual visits for renovation projects
Rehalib emerged from VINCI’s Intrapreneurs programme led by Leonard and is now a division of GTM Bâtiment. Rehalib develops digital showroom thanks to virtual reality.
>> Tandem: interview with Damien Bahon, founder of Rehalib, and Nicolas Sassi, a GTM Bâtiment agency director

• Resallience, design and engineering to adapt to climate change
Resallience is a design and engineering office that focuses on climate change adaptation applied to construction projects, infrastructure and the way they are used. It also emerged from VINCI’s Intrapreneurs programme led by Leonard.
>> Tandem: Interview with Didier Soto, Resallience project manager

What do we do?

The VINCI Group created Leonard to tackle the challenges posed by the transformation of regions and lifestyles. Our goal is to unite a community of key stakeholders in order to build the city of the future together.