Technologies & Environment Newsletters – December 2019

This month, we explore the ways in which technologies can contribute to the environmental transition.


A brief history of clean technology
Cleantech companies once enjoyed a golden age, but the financial downturn stifled the keen interest they had attracted. Now, widespread awareness that the ecological transition can’t wait is preparing the stage for their comeback.
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Can algae farmers help cities?
Algae are a healthier option for urban agriculture, help eliminate pollution and can be used to make new materials. They seem to be opening the door to plenty of possibilities, especially for innovation in cities.
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 Is hydrogen just hot air?
Some say it’s the miracle cure-all, others dismiss it as nonsense. Hydrogen is often hailed as a pillar in the transition to a carbon-free economy, and the discussions about it are often impassioned. We’ve charted three possible scenarios showing the ways in which this gas may be used in the future.
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Investors bringing clean tech back to life
As we explained in our brief history of Clean Tech, green and clean technologies are making a much-noticed return to the scene, spurred on by politicians who understood the issue of climate change and by investors looking to green their businesses.
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Hydrogen and prosumer activity leading the way
Although still a bit of an unknown quantity to the general public, the concepts of “GreenTech” and “CleanTech” are stepping into the limelight, following the lead of the hydrogen-powered car and prosumer activity, just beginning to scale up.
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