The 5th cohort of Leonard’s Intrapreneurs program hosts 12 teams of VINCI employees in 2021

Leonard welcomes 12 new projects from VINCI Group employees. These projects will pioneer innovative solutions for the environmental transition, safety, productivity and competitiveness of VINCI's activities in construction, mobility, real estate and energy. Leonard's support begins in January 2021.

The Intrapreneurs program supports innovative projects initiated by VINCI employees. Its goal is to foster new business opportunities within the Group. This programme has fast-tracked 42 projects since its inception in 2018, and 8 business ventures and companies have emerged within VINCI as a result. The fifth cohort will include 12 teams, encompassing 21 Group company employees, in 2021. 4 of the projects were identified by Leonard:DACH, Leonard’s new branch in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

  • These projects are led by employees from VINCI Group companies, namely Eurovia, VINCI Concessions, VINCI Construction (Freyssinet, Sixense and VINCI Construction Grands Projets) and VINCI Energies (Axians, Omexom),
  • 7 of the projects were set in motion by employees based in France, 4 in Germany and 1 in Peru,
  • 100% of the selected projects include an environmental component.

2021 5th cohort : 12 selected projects

Carapace (France)

Carapace develops monitoring solutions for embankments.

#Climate #Resilience #Environment

Aval Portal (Germany)

Aval Portal is building a SaaS platform that digitises waste elimination processes while simplifying data exchanges between industrial companies and waste-management service providers.

#CircularEconomy #Environment

Digital Ummspannwerk (Germany)

Digital Ummspannwerk builds solutions to digitise substations in order to enhance safety.

#Climate #Safety #Environment

Patou Data (France)

Patou Data is developing a tool to prevent environmental risks by collecting and analysing data in real time at construction sites.

#Construction #Productivity #Environment

H2 Free (France)

H2 Free develops solutions to build hydrogen production and storage infrastructure.

#Climate #Energy #Environment

CO2 Footprint App (Germany)

C02 Footprint is an app that calculates carbon footprints for employees.

#Climate #Productivity #Environment

Greenwatt (France)

Greenwatt is developing a range of works-related solutions aimed at improving energy efficiency in industry.

#Climate #Energy #Environment

VISCO (Germany)

Gathers data relating to streets and the environment, for city managers, from cameras fitted onto waste-management vehicles.

#Productivity #Environment

Renov’ON (France)

Renov’ON focuses on thermal renovation of residential buildings.

#Climate #Energy #PropertyDevelopment

PureNest (France)

PureNest develops solutions to capture and treat plastic waste in rivers.

#NaturalEnvironments #Environment

Recy’Peru (Peru)

Recy’Peru is a waste-management marketplace in Peru and elsewhere in Latin America.

#CircularEconomy #Environment

On Again (France)

On Again is a B2B platform for connecting material suppliers from the various sectors of the circular economy with construction companies.

#CircularEconomy #Environment

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