World Day for Health and Safety at Work: innovation for safety

Discover six innovative startups and companies from Leonard's SEED, CATALYST, and Intrapreneur program, that help improve safety at work! Focus on Neoratech, Avus, Orok, Eave, and Kenzen.

Neoratech, safety for technicians working on power grids

Neoratech, a startup supported by our SEED program, develops connected personal protection equipment for technicians working on electrical networks. How to better protect technicians performing voltage absence checks? Neoratech has created CheckGlove, a voltage detector glove for technicians working on medium voltage lines. Not only, do these gloves protect them efficiently, but also allows them to test the operation of a device, the resistance of an electric cable, detect voltage etc.

Avus, augmented reality applied to underground infrastructure and hidden risks

Avus, a project supported by our Intrapreneurs program, is the solution that maps and visualizes in augmented reality, the millions of miles of pipes and cables, that constitute the distribution networks of energy, data, etc. lying under your feet but also hidden in your walls, slabs, or ceilings. Contractors can benefit from improved, underground asset data management, by increasing and maintaining data accuracy. They can also locate faster, the underground infrastructure on site. Safety is definitively increased, while asset damages are reduced. Planners and utility companies also benefit from AVUS, since it offers a better understanding of legacy systems and helps mitigate potential conflicts.

Orok, safety on airport tarmacs

OROK‘s systems, a start-up supported by our SEED program, automates operations on airport tarmacs. An airport tarmac is a dangerous place for people. The plane turnaround efficiency is critical for any airline’s profitability. OROK’s turnkey solution encompasses a fleet of autonomous vehicles and a server to supervise them. It also offers many advantages! It improves the way baggage is (un)loaded and transported, it reduces operational expenditures… Fleet size can be tailored to your needs, without interrupting activity. Robots are adaptable, depending on the infrastructure and the process. Finally, the usage of the vehicle is optimized!

Eave, noise monitoring built into active ear defenders

Eeave, an innovative company supported by our CATALYST program, tackles occupational deafness, with its active hearing protection, that has automated noise regulation compliance. Occupational hearing loss is too widespread, and traditional hearing protection does not fit its purpose. Eave’s FocusLite active ear defender has two microphones on the inside of the protective ear cups. These microphones measure internal noise levels. The noise level data is wirelessly transmitted to Peak, an online software platform, in order to determine the percentage of noise exposure allowance remaining. Each FocusLite has built-in speakers and microphones, that accurately and safely reproduce the sound from the surrounding worksite, providing a 360˚ situational awareness., reduce job risks with the power of artificial intelligen, an innovative company supported by our CATALYST program, brings together the best of human and artificial intelligence into a single platform through separate modules for observations, monitoring, and predictive analytics. The platform reduces incident rates across all of your projects by enabling a Predictive-Based Safety approach. Their approach has shown to reduce incidents by 30%.

Kenzen, safety monitoring solution to prevent injury and illness from heat and over-exertion

Kenzen, an innovative company supported by our CATALYST program, helps to keep workers safe in the industrial and health care sectors! Kenzen’s solution is a compact, waterproof device, that records biometric data from a flat surface in a highly effective, unobtrusive way. It provides heat and safety monitoring of key physiological indicators, such as core body temperature, heart rate, and exertion levels. Their personalized mobile app empowers individual workers to self-monitor key physiological indicators, which results in increased worker awareness and adoption! It also helps managers to optimize environmental and workforce conditions, by keeping them aware, with real-time, anonymized data that predicts and prevents heat-related illness and injury.

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