Electric mobility Newsletters – February 2020

This month, we explore the question of mobility, specifically electric mobility.


— Analysis

Electric mobility: on the right track?

Technological innovation, changing uses, political drive: the future of electric mobility has never looked brighter… Which means the stakes for players in the sector have never been higher.
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— Projections

Electric mobility: cities lead the charge

All over the world, cities are promising to ban combustion-engine vehicles in the near or nearest possible future. Could this be the dawn of 100% electric urban mobility?
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— Finance

Camille Combe: “Raising the question of new and effective financial tools to transform mobilities”

Camille Combe, project manager at the think tank La Fabrique de la Cité, invites us, with plenty of good examples backing up, to move away from “how to finance” and instead look at “how to transform”.
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— Business

The “electric fairy” and the enticing future of mobility  

Spotlight on electric mobility ! Electricity is making its big return to centre stage, stimulated by the never-ending changes to the ways we get around. Twenty-first century mobility will either be sustainable or won’t exist, and to reach this much-sought-after horizon, electricity offers a great deal of promise.
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