Newsletter “ConTech: do digital platforms have all the answers?” – June 2021

From design to demolition, Construction Tech players are offering an increasingly diverse range of digital platforms. The challenge is to bring together resources, methods and expertise to streamline business interfaces and open up the field of possibilities for builders. The first beneficiaries of the acceleration effect of these platforms are the circular economy and access to talent.


— Analysis 

ConTech platforms: a buzzing field of innovation

Like MedTech, FinTech or EdTech, a number of innovative construction companies, ConTech, have invested in digital platforms, bringing together a core of experts, clients and suppliers. Their operating methods are transforming practices in many ways. What they have in common is that they are disrupting the current model and promising unprecedented productivity gains.

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— Projection 

Are digital platforms accelerating the circular economy in construction?

While linear logic still reigns in the construction industry, digital platforms are leading the way for construction tech players in shaking up the value chain and accelerating the transition to a circular economy model.

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— Opinion

[conversation] Karim Tamarzist, co-founder and COO of Build2B platform

Because they bring together experts from all horizons around builders’ projects, the professional networking platforms of Construction Tech are destined to play a key role. They are already changing the way companies manage their skills and workloads, says Karim Tamarzist, co-founder and COO of  Build2B platform.

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— Radar 

Our selection of innovative businesses #35

Procore Technologies Inc., a cloud-based construction software company in California, has been valued at $11 billion since it went public. Eano raises $6 million to reinvent the home renovation process. Workrise, the $2.6 billion workforce management specialist, is expanding into industry and construction. In Nice, France, Ubiplace is teaming with Egis to connect users with construction sites managers in the city.

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— Trends 

Contech: platform-driven innovation

So what does the construction industry’s platform strategy success depend on? Are platforms the result of the sector’s digital overhaul? Do they really accelerate circular economy initiatives, regardless of the project type and region-specific conditions? Here’s our selection of reports, field surveys, and expert analyses which provide answers to these questions.

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— Radar 

Our selection of innovative businesses #36

namR, the French specialist in environmental data, goes public. With the acquisition of Holobuider, FARO strengthens its position in the digital twin sector. The platform ecosystem for construction professionals continues to grow worldwide. Katerra: what to take away from the “big fail” of the leader in “end-to-end” construction platforms.

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